HRA benefits are uniquely designed by your for your client

  • Product is agency and agent branded
  • HRA is complete with all required compliance documents
  • Product includes a compliance, self-administration guide
  • To be used without a TPA, self-administered
  • Product can be delivered within minutes of submission
  • All documents are IRS & DOL compliant
  • Increases employee benefit satisfaction
  • Delivered with a self-administered compliance guide
  • Simple to create
  • Enter client data on a 1 page data form
  • Product populated all documents and forms with client info
  • Product populates and brands all documents to you
  • After submitted, product immediately e-mails 7 files to you that you are ready to deliver to your client
  • A self-administration guide is sent for you to enter your clients participating employees and depenedents to track reimbursements
  • Self-administration is driven from Insurance company EOB's
  • Most Agents bill their clinets for this service, one-time document set-up fee

HRA Custom Documents Included

  • All documents are client identified, agency branded
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Administration Plan Description
  • Self-Administration/Compliance Manual
  • Corporate Resolution
  • Amendment Request
  • Claim Form
  • Simple Self-Administration Reimbursement Tracking Program

Value to Agents

Agents/Brokers don't buy our products for the software itself. They buy for the benefit provided, the step-by-step solution to a sales problem. They buy for the reassurance that we've covered all the bases: that your job is done right, that you will be recognized as the most recognized as the most knowledgeable advisor when you recommend benefit solutions to your prospects and clients.