There are many benefits to being a self-insured employer in general as long as the employer's maximum financial liability is identified and insured!

Benefits are as follows:

  • The ultimate in benefit design flexibility
  • All healthcare data is available
  • Employers can determine their maximum liability, and receive refunds from unspent claim funds
  • Employers can set up different premium contributions for employees based on wellness-based outcomes measurements
  • Insurance company profit is retained by employer
  • Healthcare analytics/predictive modeling, wellness, lifestyle risk calculator and any other clinical incentive systems reduce healthcare spending
  • Many cost reduction systems are available only through self-insured contracts
  • Many fully insured costs are removed"100% transparency
    • ERISA preemption in ACA
    • State mandated coverage cost is reduced
    • State insurance taxes are reduced
  • Employers can manage the entire healthcare supply chain

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