• Are you tired of carrying 200+ pounds of paper into your open enrollment meetings?
  • Are you taking advantage of the open Enrollment meeting to deliver all compliance documentation?
  • Are you delivering all of your Voluntary & Individual Benefit's collateral?
  • Is this information lost after employees leave the meeting?
  • How much does it cost you to print and bind all of the required compliance and benefits information?

We will custom brand, organize, label and deliver custom branded Benefits CDs for your next open enrollment meeting!

Imagine delivering all of your benefit information, important contact info, compliance documents, agency optional products and more to each employee on a simple custom created Benefits CD per employee and dependent spouse.

Employers will deliver the Benefits CD to all new hires, simplifying their communication and compliance requirements.
Impress your client with your use of technology; simplify your meeting; simplify communications; deliver all of your agency services cross sell the enrolled members. Increase benefit satisfaction and compliance with the familiar CD format.

For less than the cost of paper copies, you can increase your professionalism, improve information delivery and sell more.

When you deliver our custom created Benefits CDs at your open enrollment meetings, you are delivering all of the PPACA, ACA, ObamaCare, Federal Law and HealthCare Reform documents as well as current benefits, optional benefits and more.

The Benefits CD Rom burning service delivers a Benefits CD Rom for each employee and dependent spouse. Includes all of the needed documentation you would deliver in the open enrollment meeting and more. It backs up all of the Employer's compliance delivery. The service is branded to your agency. Benefits CDs can be branded to client as well.