ObamaCare has Brought Significant Changes to Employer Benefits DOL HealthCare Reform Audits!

Help for Employers; Prepare for a DOL Investigation -- Before It Happens

  • The Dept. of Labor has increased funding for audits of employers & is using it. They added over 600 new employees to do audits!
  • Priorities have shifted to put higher focus on proactive audits of compliance.
  • Any employer who offers health coverage can be audited; brokers can also be audited.
  • These audits include ObamaCare compliance.
  • Employers are receiving The Department of Labor's notice of an investigation, "to determine" compliance with PPACA, ACA, ObamaCare or HealthCare Reform.

Funding for ObamaCare comes from employer fines. Projected to be over 10 Billion Dollars!

Penalties are a lot worse than "$100.00 per employee, per day, for every day of non-compliance.

Employers need to understand the audit process and take action today to audit proof their business. The law states January 1, 2014 as the compliance date. Do not wait until January 1, 2015. This postponement may not be legal. Creating a DOL HealthCare Reform Audit Manual is your best defense. An employer can answer a DOL Audit request without an attorney. Let us compile you compliance for about the cost of an hour with an attorney.

Just because you are compliant doesn't mean you can prove it. A prepared employer is a compliant employer and survives a DOL Audit without penalty and stress.

Our service includes a "MOCK" audit; comprehensive and A – Z. Easier than going through the DOL Audit.

Order Your "Mock Audit" & Let Us Create Your Defense Manual Today!