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Benefits Business Plan

The Benefits Business Plan outlines how employers can transform outdates and expensive employee health care benefit plans into advanced, "High Performance" benefits solutions. Employers have to embrace analytics, predictive modeling, cost containment and a healthcare needs based benefit design. A financial and clinical incentive driven benefit's solution, purpose-built for slowing disease progression and meeting the healthcare needs of employees is possible today!

Benefits Delivery Platform

The Benefits Delivery Platform is a Health Marketplace, it allows the user to choose apps that are meaningful, integrate with PHR, free, and made with great quality, value, and reliability! Many benefits can be delivered from just website: Healthcare Benefits, Qualified Retirement, Ancillary, Voluntary, all Healthcare Professionals, Employer Communications and more!

Next Generation Benefits

The Next Generation Benefits outlines how Employers can transform outdated and expensive employee health care benefit plans into advanced, High Performance benefits solutions. Employers need competitive value and affordability in their employee benefits!

Self Insurance Made Easy (ERISA)

The Self-Insurance Made Easy, or the ERISA Academy, introduces the newest self-insured contracts, products and strategies for employers of all sizes. It provides training in order to sell Self-Insured Solutions effectively. More and more employers are choosing a Self-Insured Strategy... are you prepared?

Employers Need 3 Things

In, Employers Need 3 Things, 3 steps are walked through in order to gain a new understanding and new strategy for the next step. We've delivered flat renewals to clients for years. We typically reduce healthcare spending up to $2,000.00 per employee over the first 18 months. We identify healthcare need, manage healthcare consumption and improve everyone's state of health. You cannot accomplish the needed management from spread sheets and cost shifting!

Employers- Next Generation HealthCare

The Next Generation Benefits works on increasing profits and productivity, which is why a lot of employers may need a new benefit strategy. This focuses on HealthCare spending, new strategies, and recommendations for creating a long term strategy, implementing population health management, improving member's healthcare, and much more!

What We Do: TPA, Consultants, Wellness, Vendors, and Employers

We are a group of entrepreneurs, from across the nation and experts in all aspects of the healthcare delivery system. Our strategies and technology fix the healthcare delivery system for you. Strategies custom crafted to your employee's benefits needs... Better Care, Better Health and Lower Costs!