Dynamic Group Presentations provides benefit administrators and Human Resources managers a total benefit management solution built around "Next Generation" technology and healthcare services. This is the initial, mandatory needed fix to deliver better financial and clinical outcomes. Everyone has these services in their current management system, however, none of our competitors match our evidence measured outcomes. We have the winning "High Performance" race car, most skilled driver and exceptional pit crew. It is our mission and vision to develop the Nation's "Next Generation" healthcare delivery solution.

We have vendors who provide guaranteed financial improvements. Reduce paid claims with deeper negotiated discounts; improve access to the personal physician to improve care and reduce cost; deliver managed "Outcome-Based Wellness" to drive engagement and solve for medical illiteracy, further reducing healthcare need and cost.

Dynamic Group Presentations exclusively delivers the Lifestyle Risk Calculator, a personal tool identifying excess calories consumed, cost per calorie and loss to retirement savings. It calculates the same for several unhealthy habits. Truly unique, informative and engaging.
Dynamic Group Presentations' Population Health Management System delivers all of the critical services integrated into a simple to use and access platform. Health care delivered through your smartphone, connecting to your doctor. Comprehensive Population Health Management with 24/7 on demand free reporting.

Helping to solve our nation's healthcare crisis:
Better Access to Quality Care
Better Clinical Outcomes
Lower Cost