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Next Generation Healthcare Solutions

Self-Insured Employers & Third Party Administrators
Superior Benefit Administration & Cost Containment

Veridence 365 Calendly


24/7 Evidence Based Reporting

Call Service Operations

Clinical Services

Data Management

Fraud and Abuse Management

ACA Compliance Services

Medicare Rx Solutions


HSA Account Builder Tool

Eligibility and Enrollment Solution

Employee Payroll Management

Care Management

Wellness and Member Outreach

Disease Management

Claims Processing

The Best Way to Offer Benefits

Dynamic Group Presentations is made up of a group of entrepreneurs working together to craft the best in group health benefit design, delivery, and management. We achieve significant reductions in healthcare spending. The key is the administration platform, providing an A to Z integrated solution. The Cost Containment tactics are proven and "Best in Class!" 

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The Future of Healthcare Benefits

We serve Self-Insured Employers and Third Party Administrators --- We help navigate the move to Self-Insured solutions. Population Health Management; ACA Compliance; Lifestyle Risk Calculator; HRIS Management; Transparent Rx; Reference Based Pricing; Over 70 Languages; Eligibility & Enrollment Solution; 24/7 Evidence-Based Reporting and more! 

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  • Benefit Delivery is from a single URL, single source login and password, vendor agnostic platform
  • All employer benefits and services are delivered from same source – healthcare, 401(k), dental, disability and more
  • Members can manage their healthcare and family's healthcare from same platform
  • The administrative cost for our solution is lower or equal to the most competitive pepm pricing in the country
  • The quality and customer service leads the industry and is simple
  • The PBM eliminates all rebating as well as middle man expenses. Many drugs are delivered at lower cost
  • You still have access to most all pharmacies and drug stores
  • Chronic patients who take their medications as directed may save the healthcare system as much as $7,800.00 per patient per year
  • We supercharge wellness plans
  • Your wellness plan can be delivered with our outcome based wellness initiatives incentives
  • Better compliance with disease treatment
  • Instead of health score cards we deliver modifiable risk factor illustrations correlating behavior to chronic disease
  • Our healthcare analytics is forward looking, identifying 100% of risk including spouses
  • Risk management can be delivered identifying both healthcare and occupational risk from all employees and spouses
  • Patient Engagement is the Blockbuster Drug of the decade
  • Behavioral economics examines people's health and healthcare decision-making in the presence of economic inducements
  • Physicians experience a discerning, educated, empowered, motivated consumer Improving medical literacy
  • We have a customer with a measured 94% engagement of employees and spouses
  • Clinical incentives drive engagement
  • Medical illiteracy is solved as all of the features combine to contribute to engagement
  • Outcome based incentives deliver engagement through management of significant financial incentives
  • Accountability is inherent
  • The end result is exceptional benefit delivery, new evolutionary healthcare delivery process, all lowering cost to payer and member

Extraordinary Healthcare Benefit Delivery Solutions can be little to no cost increase

Helping to solve our nation's healthcare crisis:
Better Access to Quality Care
Better Clinical Outcomes
Lower Cost

"Next Generation" Technology & Services

We Excel at Risk Management; Administrative Technology; Benefit Management; Cost Containment

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We search out and vet the newest, most innovative technology, products, and administrative resources that deliver a comprehensive benefits management solution, managing your entire healthcare supply chain. We provide benefit administrators and Human Resource managers a total outsourced benefit management solution built around evolutionary "Next Generation" technology and services. Dynamic Group Presentations delivers improved evidence-based, measured financial and clinical outcomes. None of our competitors match our brilliantly conceived, high-performance employee benefits management solution. Culture change begins and members are financially incentivized to choose healthier lifestyles.

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